Cleaning Photo Gallery

Emergency Green Vehicles are equipped to cleanup your Emergency

SERVPRO of Midtown Memphis vehicles at a water loss

Green is on the scene with our many different types of vehicles. During emergency water and fire calls we respond with our trucks all ready to go! Thanks to some of our amazing staff these trucks keep stock! 

We have a water truck that we will bring to the job site to extract water right on the premises. This helps to ensure that the drying process can start quickly so your water emergency can get cleaned up. 

We also have other vehicles that are designated for large loss jobs and removing your affected content for cleaning at our shop. 

When you see the green SERVPRO vehicles you know we are helping you, your neighbors, and your local businesses get back to everyday life quickly and efficiently. 

Hard at work

SERVPRO of Midtown Memphis is getting set up for a residential cleaning job. 

Jeff and Allen are building a ramp from the door into the dumpster making it easier and quicker for our crew to move debris