Fire Damage Photo Gallery

Team Member cleaning fire damage

Smoke and Soot damage

Technicians from our SERVPRO team will restore your home to its pre- fire condition. "Like it never even happened." 

Building Walkway with Fire Damage

Commercial Fire Damage in Memphis, TN

This commercial property located in Memphis, TN, called SERVPRO of Midtown Memphis after experiencing a Fire Loss. 

Our team arrived on site within 2 hours of the call and began the remediation process. 

a blown out wall socket

Lightning Damage

This is the aftermath of fire caused by lightning in a Memphis residential home. The electricity blew out the wall sockets in the room where it had struck. 

SERVPRO of Midtown Memphis 

Insulation fell into the kitchen after a fire

Apartment Fire

Aftermath fire damages in our customers apartment. As shown, you can see how much insulation and ceiling fell after the fire was put out creating damages. 

We are leading experts in fire restoration for homes and commercial properties; If you have  fire damage, let us clean the mess up 

Ceiling collapse due to fire damage

Aftermath of a fire, damage!

As you see in the picture, a fire started in the attic area and nobody is ever prepared for a fire in your home or business. 

SERVPRO of Midtown Memphis understands each smoke and fire damage situation is a little different, each one requires a unique solution for the specific conditions. We have the equipment, expertise, and experience to restore your fire and smoke damages.

SERVPRO of Midtown Memphis is here 24 hours a day 7 days a week for all of your restoration needs. 

Fire Restoration

When a fire happens  SERVPRO of Midtown Memphis team will start the cleanup and restoration as quickly  as possible. 

Utilizing Content Claim Inventory Service technology, SERVPRO Franchises can generate comprehensive room-by-room inventories. Contents are categorized as salvageable, non-salvageable and questionable- allowing for easier content settlement. 

Cleaning and Restoration - All restorable structure and contents will be professionally cleaned and deodorized to preloads condition in most cases.

These services includes: walls, ceilings,floors, area rugs, furniture, draperies and upholstery, electronics, art, clothing and more. 

Kitchen Fire

This is the aftermath of a bedroom at a housing facility when we arrived on the scene. The fire started in the kitchen and quickly spread throughout the property. There was significant smoke and soot damage. 

We were able to extract the remaining water, as well as clean up the debris. 

Here at SERVPRO of Midtown Memphis, we understand what a horrible experience it is to have a home or commercial fire. 

We make disasters 

“Like it never even happened.”